The Randoli App Director® Platform has two components.

App Director® Console - provides a single-pane-of-glass that can be used to define, manage & scale applications across multiple Kubernetes clusters. It allows you to move from source code to container deployed on Kubernetes via a guided wizard with a few simple steps. You could organize your applications by Projects with Identity and Access Management to support multiple teams.

App Director® Agent - that connects with the App Director® Platform to receive deployments and send back events. The agent is managed via an Operator and can be scoped to a namespace or cluster-wide.


The Randoli App Director® Console provides a comprehensive overview of your applications. The main dashboard provides,

  • Cost approximation for your cloud resources
  • Deployment statistics
  • Pipeline statistics

For each application, we provide the ability

  • To define pipelines, deployment and configuration per environment
  • To view application events per environment
  • To view pipeline logs per pipeline per environment

We also provide a comprehensive audit log with the ability to filter by category, event type and date range.


We support several deployment patterns to suite your organizations best practices & security guidelines.

  • All environments on same cluster (for testing, poc etc.)
  • Higher & lower environment on separate clusters (with different cloud providers)
  • Cluster per environment
  • Multiple production clusters on different availability zones or geographical regions
  • Multiple production cluster on different cloud provides

The Randoli App Director Platform provides the ability to select pre-defined CI/CD pipelines or create a custom pipeline via a guided wizard. Our pipelines are powered by Tekton - a powerful and flexible open-source framework for creating CI/CD systems, allowing developers to build, test, and deploy across cloud providers and on-premise systems.

We support the following steps out-of-the-box

  • Build From Source / From Image Registry / Build From Dockerfile
  • Scan Source (Future release)
  • Build Image
  • Scan Image (Future release)
  • Tag Image
  • Deploy Image
  • Invoke Webhook

We also provide webhooks for each defined environment to allow the ability to build fully automated pipelines to graduate your applications across multiple environments.