Build Tekton Pipelines With Built-In & BYO tasks In Minutes

Build cloud-native Tekton pipelines via templates or from scratch using a guided wizard. We provide built-in tasks as well as allow you to bring your own tasks.

  • We provide the following tekton tasks out-of-the-box
  • Build From Source / From Image Registry / Build From Dockerfile
  • Scan Source (Sonarqube)
  • Build Image
  • Scan Image (Stackrox - Roadmap item)
  • Tag Image
  • Deploy Image
  • Invoke Webhook

Containerize your applications from source using S2I or Cloud Native Buildpacks

App Director provides several source -to-image options for containerizing your applications by simply pointing to a git repo. Please note your source code is downloaded and built on your own kubernetes clusters and NOT on the Randoli App Director side.

Your App Director admin user can choose from the following options for each language. This can not be modified by other users to ensure uniformity and compliance with the standards chosen by the admin user.

Single Pane-Of-Glass Across Multi Clusters/Cloud Vendors

With many organizations increasing using multi cluster/cloud strategies and teams treating K8s clusters as cattle (instead of pets) it's imperative to provide your developers with a simplified approach to be successful when deploying applications across multiple clusters.

App Director provides a simplified Application Centric view (not infrastructure centric) across multiple kubernetes clusters with any cloud vendor.

It provides a single point-of-view for pipeline logs & events across multiple environments (subject to RBAC and cluster/environment access) allowing the developers one console to work with, instead of having to log into multiple cluster consoles.


The Randoli App Director® Platform has two components.

App Director® Console - A multi tenant SaaS application that provides a single-pane-of-glass across multiple Kubernetes clusters to containerize, deploy, scale & manage applications. It allows you to move from source code to image, deployed on Kubernetes via a guided wizard with a few simple steps. You could organize your applications by Projects with Identity and Access Management to support multiple teams.

App Director® Agent - that connects with the App Director® Platform to receive deployments and send back events. The agent is managed via an Operator and can be scoped to one or more namespaces or cluster-wide.