Most organizations are already using the cloud, whether it's private, public or hybrid cloud with varying degress of success. However they face a multitude of challenges when migrating their applications to the cloud. These challenges fall into one or more categories - business, people, governance, operations and technical.

A successful migration requires a comprehensive approach that takes all of the above challenges into account. It has to be aligned with your business goals and the deliverables tied to key business outcomes to justify your migration effort.

We use our Application Migration Framework, a proven structured approach, to help your organization with migrating applications to the cloud.


Iterative, Measurable, Agile

Application Migration Framework

Discovery & Planning

We conduct discovery workshops with key stakeholders acorss all functional areas to understand the following. It lays the foundation for building a comprehensive migration plan to ensure success.


  • Key business objectives
  • Business IT alignment
  • Business impact during migration
  • Business Risk Management


  • Key roles & stakeholders
  • Cloud-based competencies
  • Skill gaps & training
  • Organization readiness


  • Compliance & regulatory
  • License management
  • Program & project management
  • Business KPIs


  • Solution architecture
  • Code analysis & recommendations
  • Compute/Network/Storage
  • Application development


  • Identity and access management
  • Infrastructure security
  • Data Protection
  • Incident management


  • Monitoring & management
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Release & change management
  • Disaster recovery

At the end of the assessment we provide a document outlining the following,

  • Executive summary & recommendations.
  • Review of business, people, governance & operational concerns.
  • Detailed review on existing architecture and future state.
  • Detailed discussion on recommendations including architecture, technology and development approach.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation.
  • A comprehensive migration plan that outlines actions, owners & stakeholders.

Every migration is also an opportunity for modernization.

While you can adopt a lift & shift strategy to do the bare minumum required to migrate to the cloud, you could benefit more by transforming your applications to become cloud-native.

During our assessment we will point out how you could benefit from modernizing your applications and outline possible strategies. Depending on the scope & complexity, you could choose to implement all or some of the recomendations during the migration.

For more information about our Application Modernization Framework Click Here.

Build & Deploy

We use an iterative approach, based on industry best practices to deliver incremental business value. We help you migrate onto enterprise-ready, open source platforms with commercial support.

We recognize the challenges our customers face during this phase. We can help you with,

  • Choosing the right approach for containerizing your applications.
  • Building CI/CD pipelines to increase velocity.
  • Help you build a DevOps culture.
  • Migrating from monolithic applications to Microservices.
  • Software development & delivery.
  • Training & mentoring.

We have expertise in the following technolgies & platforms,

  • OpenShift / Kubernetes
  • Apache Camel / Apache ActiveMQ-Artemis / Kafka
  • Spring / JBoss / Node.js
  • Elasticsearch / Infinispan / Redis / Spark
  • AWS / Azure / GCP