Migrating your applications to the cloud with a lift & shift strategy might be a good first step, but it's not enough to benefit from the advantages the cloud has to offer and be ready to tackle your current & future business goals. Whether it's offering new business capabilities via APIs or making data driven decisions with a 360-degree view of your enterprise data in near real time, you can no longer rely on legacy application silos that are slow to evolve with time and cost intensive modifications. Cost of Legacy Apps


Modernization efforts face sevaral challenges. We recognize modernization is not just a technical challenge, it's multi dimensional - there's challenges with business, people, governance & operations that needs to be factored into the equation. It has to be aligned with your business goals and the deliverables tied to key business outcomes, to justify your modernization effort.

Does the following sound familiar?

  • How do we build a busienss case for modernization?
  • How can we modernize without disruption to our business?
  • We want to containerize our applications.
  • We want to migrate from monolithic applications to Microservices.
  • We want to build CI/CD pipelines to increase velocity.
  • How do we build a DevOps culture?

We can help you overcome those challenges with our structured approach and help you get there faster.


Iterative, Measurable, Agile

The technology foundation of our framework is - Microservices, Containers, CI/CD and DevOps. The methodology is an extention of our Application Migration Framework as the same concerns and challenges are intrinsic to both approaches. We look at business, people, governance, applications, security and operations areas related to the modernization effort to ensure it's aligned with the business goals of the organization as well as a smooth transition with minimal business interruption.

Application Modernization Technology Foundation

Application Modernozation Foundation

Application Modernization Methodology

Application Migration Framework

Discovery & Planning

We conduct discovery workshops with key stakeholders acorss all functional areas to understand the following. It lays the foundation for building a comprehensive modernization plan to ensure success.


  • Key business objectives
  • Business IT alignment
  • Business impact during migration
  • Business Risk Management


  • Key roles & stakeholders
  • Cloud-based competencies
  • Skill gaps & training
  • Organization readiness


  • Compliance & regulatory
  • License management
  • Program & project management
  • Business KPIs


  • Solution architecture
  • Code analysis & recommendations
  • Compute/Network/Storage
  • Application development


  • Identity and access management
  • Infrastructure security
  • Data Protection
  • Incident management


  • Monitoring & management
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Release & change management
  • Disaster recovery

At the end of the assessment we provide a document outlining the following,

  • Executive summary & recommendations.
  • Review of business, people, governance & operational concerns.
  • Detailed review on existing architecture and future state.
  • Detailed discussion on recommendations including architecture, technology and development approach.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation.
  • A comprehensive modernization plan that outlines actions, owners & stakeholders.

Integration should be at the heart of every modernization effort.

A successful modernization should make it easy to consume your business capabilities via APIs and streamline the flow of information between your applications improving accuracy and timely access to information for your decision makers. It provides the underlying foundation for you to compete in the digital economy.

For more information about our Application Integration Framework read here.

Build & Deploy

We use an iterative approach, based on industry best practices to deliver incremental business value. The solutions are built using enterprise-ready, open source platforms with commercial support.

We recognize the challenges our customers face during this phase. We can help you with,

  • Choosing the right approach for containerizing your applications.
  • Building CI/CD pipelines to increase velocity.
  • Help you build a DevOps culture.
  • Migrating from monolithic applications to Microservices.
  • Software development & delivery.
  • Training & mentoring.

We have expertise in the following technolgies & platforms,

  • OpenShift / Kubernetes
  • Apache Camel / Apache ActiveMQ-Artemis / Kafka
  • Spring / JBoss / Node.js
  • Elasticsearch / Infinispan / Redis / Spark
  • AWS / Azure / GCP