Iterate, Optimize, Scale

Cloud-Native Application Platform to help ship software faster with minimal Kubernetes knowledge

  • Cloud cost - Get visibility, trends & insights
  • Multi-Cluster/Cloud - Get a single-pane-of-glass
  • Actionable insights - Improve MTTD & MTTR
  • Templates Catalog - Create & share best practices
  • Security - Secret Management, CVE Insights, Audit
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App Director® on any Kubernetes cluster, from any vendor

App Director developer platform helps engineering teams ship software faster with minimal Kubernetes knowledge backed by our enterprise-grade support & services. App Director works with OpenShift, AKS, EKS, GKE, Rancher and any K8s cluster.

Visibility into Cloud Spend & Efficiency

Gain better visibility into cost breakdowns & resource usage efficiency to show where you can optimize to reduce costs. With cost trends, you can see trends for your organization to help you project your future spend.

Improve Developer Productivity by 25%

Developers lose 25% of their time toiling with new tools and technology. Our simplified abstraction of Kubernetes & templates catalog enables developer self-service with built-in guardrails. New hires can be onboarded quickly and allows them to get productive within a few days instead of weeks.

Actionable Insights

Debugging applications on Kubernetes is not easy. App Director provides Actionable Insights for developers and operators to gain more visibility into issues and root causes with possible remediation steps. This helps teams connect the dots faster to improve the organizations MTTD & MTTR for a better customer experience.

Scale Your Knowledge and Best Practices

DevOps skills are in short supply and teams at capacity. App Director enables creation of golden paths (templates) and controls to automate repetitive tasks while adhering to your organization’s best practices

Supported Cloud Native Technology Pack

Reduce total cost of ownership with a curated and enterprise grade supported cloud native technology pack

Reduce Supply Chain Security Risk

87% of containers are running with “high” & “critical” vulnerabilities (sysdig 2023). App Director provides easy integration and a single-pane-of-glass to view your image & source code scanning results

Simplify Kubernetes

Kubernetes is complex and takes 3-6 months to adopt. App Director provides a simplified user interface to abstract Kubernetes complexity and enable developers to immediately onboard and be effective on Kubernetes without writing any YAML

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Starting Your Cloud Native Journey?

Organizations continue to move their workloads to the cloud at a rapid rate. Learn how we can help you containerize and make your applications cloud native. Leverage the benefits of the cloud while cutting costs and increasing productivity.

Cloud Migration Framework

A successful migration requires a comprehensive approach to tackle business, people, governance, operations and technical challenges.

It must be aligned with your business goals and the deliverables tied to key business outcomes to justify your migration effort.

Cloud Modernization Framework

Migrating your applications to the cloud with a lift & shift strategy might be a good first step, but it's not enough to benefit from the advantages the cloud has to offer.

Modernization ensures you are ready to tackle your current & future business goals.